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Obese Recovery

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Coach Frank is currently researching and developing a 12-Step program that will be secular and obese recovery specific.  

12-Steps Notes

The basic path of the steps is: you start with admitting you have an issue that needs fixing. Next you accept that you cannot fix it by yourself. Next you commit to finding outside help. Next you do the inner work including examining your resentments, fears and guilt. Next you share these with someone you trust who helps you look at what personal qualities enable you to engage in these unhealthy behaviours. Next, the undesirable qualities are listed and you make efforts to be rid of them. Once you make peace with yourself, you make amends to those you have hurt. Finally you engage in regular maintenance behaviours like meditation, self-reflection, and service to others. 

These steps are not a cure for mental health problems. They are part of a balanced recovery approach for people who want to improve their lives and reduce their desire to engage in self-destructive behaviors. They can be used in addition to competent licensed professional therapy, but not as a replacement for competent licensed professional therapy.