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Accountability Coaching

  • Are you looking for more of a Life Coach experience, where you just need to briefly check in with someone to keep you focused on attaining your personal goals? 
  • Are you looking for someone to talk too regularly for short talks and encourage you on a regular basis to help keep you disciplined, consistent and on track towards the success of attaining your goals? 
  • Do you need someone outside of your current circles to check up with during your ongoing progress and ensure you are developing efficiently
  • Are you working towards a goal in your life plan and struggling to stay focused ?
  • Do you feel isolated, working on your goals, and want someone that you can check in with, that will take a deep interest in what you are doing?
  • Do you feel better when you check in with someone daily or weekly for just a few minutes at a time, to help you combat the loneliness that comes with pursuing a goal?
  • Are you searching for an accountability partner who will coach you in terms of helping you keep your commitment?
  • Are you trying to break a repeating behaviour pattern, and need someone to check in with on an ongoing basis until the urge of the repeating behaviour pattern is low enough that you can manage it on your own?
  • Are you tired of not getting yourself motivated enough to get something done, and want someone, who like you, understands what it is like to fight an uphill battle?
  • Do you struggle to get things done, meet your own deadlines and stick to doing things for yourself when no one is pushing you?
  • Do you need the tough love of someone that has been there to keep you moving straight forward?

That someone is Coach Frank.

Because he was once you.

Coach Frank will take an active interest in what you want to do and help keep you motivated.

Accountability Coaching is an additional and ongoing One-on-One coaching service offered by Coach Frank tailored for you to encourage you and keep you on track to achieve your list of goals regardless of the obstacles.