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I’ve known Frank for over a decade now. He’s coached me in different areas of my life from dating, social networking, trauma coaching etc…Frank has a powerful gift for being able to relate to people and making them feel understood. Pair that with his passion and knowledge, and you have a great coach! I greatly value his mentorship and the impact he’s had on my life. With that being said, what are you waiting for? Consult with frank now!

– Review by Robert Bodden
Mixed Martial Arts Athlete
Extreme Fight Club Middleweight (171-185) Champion

Frank is a remarkable man, confident and knowledgeable in his field. I have had the pleasure of teaching him the Art of Hypnosis and he can now include Certified Hypnotherapist to his impressive list of accreditation. 

He has an amazing voice and is a very talented hypnotist.

What really stands out about Frank is his level of compassion and understanding as well as his innate ability to listen and hear between the lines. Frank is a coach with worldly experience that he openly shares and applies towards the greater picture. I would highly recommend Frank and look forward to having him speak at our own National Guild of Hypnotists meeting in Montreal.

-Review by Ms. Ariel Sherker, Certified Hypnotherapist
Hypnosis Instructor at The Montreal Hypnosis Centre

I have known Frank for over a decade.  

I have sent him many clients for dating coaching, and I always get great feedback from the people he has coached.  Frank goes all in when he is interested in something and becomes a sponge for knowledge. Add this to his personal experiences and his engaging personality and you’ve got yourself a great coach!

–Laurie Betito, PhD, Clinical Psychologist
President, Sexual Health Network of Quebec
Author of “The Sex Bible for People Over 50”
Co-host of Podcast “Passion with Dr. Laurie and Jon Pole”

If this doesn’t inspire you I don’t know what will !!!!! I used to date a personal trainer and he was the most arrogant person I ever encountered in the wellness field. Coach Frank helped me turn my life around getting out of a toxic relationship when I reached out to him as he is a great relationship coach. I can’t imagine what my life would have been like if he didn’t put my life into perspective.

Coach Frank has overcome so many battles firsthand and is more qualified to help people because he lives each day with dedication. This is what leaders look like.

One day at time helping people all along the way.

Frank you are incredible and have a talent for helping others on so many levels. You really are accomplishing so many uphill battles and facing obstacles head on. Of course there’s days your soul will be tired . But my God man you may not see yourself yet” as an inspiration. But from the first day I read your book even before I met you when we lived in the same building….I thought WOW this guy is just a radiant person.

You just really have the gift of motivating others in many aspects of life. And I always find your advice genuine because you practice what you preach !!! 🙌

Way to go 

-Tina Anne Cochrane