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Obese Recovery

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Submissions Criteria for Blog

Obese Recovery Blog is open to blog article submissions.

Here are the criteria for any article you want to submit:

  • Word count: 500 minimum. No maximum
  • No curse words
  • You must submit royalty-free images, sourced. You may include images of your own creation that you own the rights too
  • You must submit your author name, or pen name for the article (we do not take authorship for articles that were not written by us)
  • You are encouraged to include an author bio including contact information
  • You can include links in the articles. We reserve the right to remove any links that are discovered to be undesirable
  • A statement will be included at the end of the article specifying that all links in this article may be Sponsorship / Affiliate Links
  • You may be charged a fee for posting your articles depending on a case by case basis
  • Articles remain on the blog for the life of the blog. We retain a non-exclusive right to use the article on the blog. You keep the copyright on the article. 
  • If we are contacted that your article violates copyright, or any other laws, we reserve the right to take down the article. 
  • We reserve the right to refuse articles that contain factually incorrect information, as well as articles that may be too offensive to our audience